How it works

Are you and your team up to the challenge? 

You will have 60 minutes to work through a series of clues and puzzles, each leading you closer and closer to your goal.​

Solve the room’s challenge and get out before your timer counts down!

Cost is $25 per person  

and is paid for at the time of reservation

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The most successful team is a group of people who can work together. Great teamwork is a MUST when you face the challenges ahead. Come in groups of 2 – 10, depending on room. The more participants you have, the more perspectives you bring to the table!

Perfect for Corporate Teams, Church groups, Sororities, or Just a great Date Night!


You have 60 minutes to complete your challenge. Time is of the essence. There is a countdown clock in each room and the pressure mounts as time runs out! Can you be cool under pressure? Can you focus in the face of a challenge?


The puzzles and clues in each room are designed to challenge a group of people, each with different abilities, perspectives, learning styles, backgrounds and skills. The fun is in working together and watching as each person brings to light information needed to solve the puzzle or progress the team to the next part of the challenge.


You will not be able to use your personal belongings such as phones, flashlights, etc. Everything you need to solve the challenge will be in the room with you (there will be a place to store purses, etc. when you enter). You will also have a “Game Room Master” who will monitor your team’s progress and is available to help you along the way with clues, should you need them. You are never alone, but the victory is all yours!


While the game is designed as your team accomplishing a mission or solving a challenge in order to “escape” a locked room, you are never truly locked in at any time. Your group is never in peril and will never be asked to perform any physical challenges in order to participate. The challenges are based in logic, intuition and intellect…not physical ability and are not dangerous in any way.


Escape rooms are sweeping the Nation as one of the fastest growing entertainment industries because people love the feeling of defeating the odds! You and your team, should you solve your challenge and escape your room, can be among the elite. Test your wits and prove yourself worthy! Find out for yourself why everyone is talking about this experience!

Our Rooms

This Christmas, do something EPIC with your friends, family and co-workers!  A 30 minute room for $15 per person (plus tax).  Holds up to 6 people and the rare exception to our rooms in that ages 6 years old and up allowed (with a paying/playing adult in the room).  Book your reservation now!​

The Table for Two Room…. Not your typical night out!​

Table for two is a two person room and it is a challenge!  Whether you are on a date, or two friends, co-workers or family members…any two people (over the age of 8 years old) can do this room (anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult).  ​

​In Table for Two, you and your friend have been invited to a private dining experience at a local fine restaurant.  Little did you know, this was not your typical meal.  The event takes a turn for the worst and you have one hour to save your own lives!  Make sure you are on top of your game and make your reservation today!     ​

​This room is charged at $75.00 for the one hour time spot for two people.  ​

(This room can still be paid individually at $37.50)

Mom’s Diner

Our 1950’s Themed Room is Upbeat and Fun for All!

You and your team have been contracted to recover missing recipes from a successful 1950’s restaurant before a competitor has time to destroy the business!  You have one hour to find the recipes and escape – but just try to keep your mind on your work while you enjoy all these 1950’s hits!  

The Dying Love Room

This room is for groups of 2 – 6 players

You and your team have been kidnapped by your “crazy” neighbor and unless you can solve all of his puzzles, you will probably become his next victim!  Will you escape in time?  

While this room is intense in nature and theme, it is not a horror room and no live actors will be used.

Escape on the High Seas is a room for up to 6 people and will challenge even the greatest land lover.  The pirates have captured you and while they are in port collecting supplies, you had better do all you can to escape!  

The Mad Hatter is for groups up to 8 players and is a fun, light hearted room!  While the Hatter has you trapped, if you play and WIN his games he has for you, he has agreed to let you go!

Looking for Corporate Team Building?  Something for your Church Group?   For your Class? 

“TRAPPED” is our “Mega Game” designed for 25-70 players where you supply the location and We bring the Escape Room Experience to YOU!
​Call for more information and to book your experience!  229-561-4969

Frequently Asked Questions

You will certainly never actually be locked or trapped in a room. The rooms are controlled by maglocks and all have a button you can press at any time to leave the room. There is never any point in time when you are actually trapped.


No, and as a matter of fact, you will be asked to place all of your personal items in a basket inside the room. You will not be allowed to use cameras, phones, flashlights, etc. You simply need brainpower and teamwork!


No, there are no physical challenges to the rooms. This is a game of mental wits and creative thinking – there are no special physical requirements to succeed at the game.


While we do not allow children under the age of 8 years to  attend our rooms (apart from the children's room).  We will allow 8 and up to attend with their parents,   We would like to point out however, that this experience may not be as exciting for an eight year old as it is for an adult! We would strongly encourage a babysitter for any young children as the rooms are filled with props and clues to immerse you in the setting you have chosen, many of which can be easily broken or damaged. It will be the responsibility of parents/guardians to keep children from “getting into” things they should not be touching in the rooms. Also, please be aware of others in the room and whether or not they will enjoy their experience with a young child present. Children ages 8 - 12 will only be allowed to attend with their families.  


Most pre-teen and teens love the Escape Room Experiences and they bring unique perspectives/thinking styles to the table! Please note however, that this is a family experience and anyone under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult (not simply an older sibling) and they must have a waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian in order to play.


Absolutely! From youth groups (with leaders) to church groups, to corporate team building events….we love to watch groups work together to solve our rooms!  If you are interested in booking a larger party, please contact us at 229-561-4969 or at for more information.   


Our rooms are reserved for up to 10 people in a game (depending on the room) and in order for us to guarantee that your group will not be placed with another party, you must book all but one spot in order to guarantee your group's privacy.  For instance, if the room holds 8, you must book at least 7 spots to guarantee you will not be joined by another group. 


There is no better way to evaluate a group and see unique group dynamics, than to put them to the test in a challenge! Allow our professional Business Consultant to work with your group as we evaluate personality styles, management techniques, teambuilding dynamics and conflict resolution skills. We can spend 2 hours or 2 days – we will tailor the experience to your needs and goals! Call or email for more information on this experience, availability and qualifications (229-561-4969 or


Our rooms/experiences are by reservation only and unfortunately, we cannot accept “walk ins”. As our website is designed to accept reservations several hours in advance, if you would like to try to schedule an appointment for a short time frame, please call 229-561-4969 to see if we can accommodate your group. Please note, a “last minute” booking will be a very rare exception and not the norm.


Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds/cancellations.   If you give us advance notice of your inability to make your appointment, we will gladly work with you to reschedule your event.  However, no-shows and last minute cancellations will not be refunded nor rescheduled. 


We ask that all groups arrive no later than 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled experience as the “check in” can take a few moments to complete. It is our hope that this “window” also protects your group from any individuals who may run late. If anyone in your group is late, they may join you in the room upon arrival, however your time will start as scheduled. As we have multiple groups per day in each of the rooms, we must adhere to a strict schedule and cannot back up appointments for late arrivals.


Of course! We are thrilled to offer gift certificates for you to share this incredible experience with friends and family! All gift certificates are purchased (and customized) right here on our website and can be delivered by email to the recipient. They, in turn can use their gift certificate on our website to book their Epic Escape Room Experience! All gift certificates are valid for up to 1 year from time of purchase.


“When you have eliminated the impossible, the remaining, however improbable, must be the truth”

Sherlock Holmes


Perfect entertainment for

Game Addicts

Use the skills you’ve learned from years of gaming to crack codes and break out of a live action game. Epic Escape Rooms will challenge even the most seasoned gamers with three complicated rooms filled with ciphers to solve and clues to decode. You won’t be happy with simply breaking out; you’ll want the record!

Friends & Family

Enjoy a unique experience with your friends and families All of our rooms are family friendly and will make a memorable night for groups of all ages. Gather your friends and families and work together to breakout of one of our four themed rooms. You have 60 minutes and you’ll need every last second to try and escape. Epic Escape Rooms is perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, or just a night out.

Tourists & Travelers

Epic Escape Rooms is a must see experience for any out-of-towner coming to Valdosta. Located just minutes from downtown and Valdosta State University, our unique game will make any person feel like Jason Bourne for 60 minutes. There’s no easy way out; use your brain and breakout! You’ll have so much fun, you may want to try all three themed rooms!

Corporate Teambuilding

Don’t subject your office to the same old, tired team building exercises. Epic Escape Rooms is the perfect place for employees to work together to achieve one goal: success. Communication is key to finding solutions, and the experience will help build rapport among your team. Contact us today to find out how we can specifically cater this experience to your company’s needs.

Find Us!

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High Seas Escape

You and your team of American merchants were looking for new lands as you came upon the fabled pirate, Captain Stan, “The Adder” Wildman.

You tried to turn your small vessel around to flee but “The Adder” secured your crew and sunk your vessel. 

His plans are to turn you over to his uncle known only as the “Corpse Maker,” because no enemy meets him and escapes certain death.

The ship is now selling off supplies in an island port somewhere in the Bahamas. Between the money made off the supplies and the rum available, there is no one on the ship and now you and your crew have one final chance to escape the evil pirate’s grip. 

There are clues laying all around, but time is not your friend…you have one hour, at the most.​

The Mad Hatter

“Hurricane Parties”…Only in the South is a storm just another excuse to gather some friends, hang out, watch movies and play games. Sure there was a “tropical depression” coming through but in South Georgia, we have seen this before and it was just going to be some heavy rain. Who knew that the rain would turned into an epic downpour, the wind howling, trees breaking. You had experienced storms before, but never like this. The weather alarms sounded and panic set in as you and your friends realized this was anything but a party.

You heard the wail of the tornado coming so you and your friends got in your closet. The pressure, the intensity, the power… it was something you had never experienced before. You could barely hear yourself, not to mention your friends scream as you your house began to lift from its foundation. You could feel yourself flying through the air while still in your house, it seemed as if this moment of intense horror was being played out in slow motion. Then, what seemed like hours but could only be seconds later, your house and your friends came to Earth with a thud. Everyone was miraculously still alive. You step out of the closet thankful to still be counted among the living, but this is not your house at all. This is not your town and it certainly not even look like Valdosta, Georgia. This is a place unlike you have ever seen: a place filled with wonder, illusions, talking rabbits, clocks and some strange Mad Hatter. Through his laughs and ever so strange smile, he informs you that once you arrive in Wonderland, you are in essence trapped in this new and strange world. Ever the one for a game or a rouse, the Hatter decides to give you and your friends a sporting chance. He will allow you to go back to your home, in your town if you can make it out of this labyrinth he calls “fun” in less than an hour. If not, you will forever be trapped in this strange, foreign land. Don’t be late for this important date!

The Diplomat’s Office

You and your team have been hired as contractors for the Government’s CIA Administrator, Special Agent Myer. Your team’s contract is coming to an end and you literally have but a few hours left until take off on your flight home. As you are cleaning out your office, you hear Special Agent Myer speaking on the phone, and what you hear sends chills down your spine. While he is always a bit aloof, you assumed it was just Government or political elitism. But this conversation changes everything: Agent Myer is speaking of an assignation attempt on a top General in our Government. As you and your team hear such dastardly plans, you know that you must act. You have no idea who to call, or where to turn for help, but you can’t sit by and watch this plan succeed.

As he finishes his call he comes out and realises you and your team are still there….did he know you heard him? Was that suspicion in his eyes? He tells you he is going to a meeting and will be back in an hour but you worry he may be planning to deal with you! You decide this is your chance and as he leaves, you and your team must do all you can to uncover proof of this assassination plot. If you are still there when Agent Myer returns, you just know you and your team are in danger. You have 60 minutes to uncover this plot and get out of there before Agent Myer returns, or lives will be lost and a global crisis is inevitable! Hurry…time is of essence and lives are in your hands.