Why Do TeamBuilding The Same Old Way?

At Epic Escape Rooms

You May ENTER as a Group, But You ESCAPE as a Team!

Our Unique escape room team building experience allows your group to practice communication skills, conflict resolution, mediation, brainstorming and problem solving skills in a fun, exciting and completely immersive experience!  It is team building in hyperdrive!
Imagine your team, faced with a critical challenge and high pressure situation.  True personalities are shown, leadership skills demonstrated, roles and group dynamics exposed…



2-24 Participants in Our Themed Rooms

        25 or More Participants in our Mega Game at Your Location!  

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This was the first time any of us in our work group had done something like this. We had a great time! This is an excellent way for people to team build. It was more difficult than any of us expected, so be sure to bring your A game. We will definitely do this again.   

 Christine W.   1/18/17

Great fun. It is the best group experience I can think of. My heart was still pounding an hour after we finished. We opened the door with less than 1 second remaining.You really learn to work and think as a team. I still not sure how they figured out a couple of those clues. It is great for team- building or just plain fun. the staff was very friendly and helpful. every one should get a group together and go.  

 Jimmy J   6/26/17

This was extremely fun and challenging. It is a wonderful opportunity to bond with friends or coworkers. There are lots of surprises and it makes you think outside the box. We will be going back without a doubt. Very addicting.           

 Josh L. 2/19/17